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Property Tax Printing & Mailing Services – A full service provider for property tax bill printing and mailing. Let us reduce your stress of tax bill processing, reduce your labor hours for non-core work, save on postage by mailing Presort 1st Class, group your notices for a more professional and efficient appearance while saving your office additional money on postage. We offer a customized notice for your county or city and with our high speed printers, we can process your notices with no delays. We also offer a return envelope option for taxpayers to return their payments in. Call us for a quote today.


County Record Services, LLC offers an easy, quick and simple solution to certified mailings that helps you streamline the process and locate individual records with ease. VeriCert™ will organize the signature and address scans in a bookmarked, searchable pdf, sorted by name, parcel number, address, etc.

Certified Mailing
While first-class is fine for many business communication purposes, there are times when it is important to have confirmation that your intended recipient has received the mailing.

How Does It Work? 
Certified mail assigns a unique tracking number to each article mailed and provides the sender with a legally recognized proof of both mailing and delivery. VeriCert™ organizes the signatures and addresses, as well as the tracking information, into a single searchable pdf document.

In most cases, we can print and mail (including postage) for close to what it would cost for you to do it in house.



  • List Processing
  • Intelligent Mail
  • Barcode generation
  • Certified Mail unique tracking number generation
  • Specialized cover sheet
  • Electronic upload of tracking data
  • Electronic return receipt
  • Reports generated and supplied back to client after the USPS makes final delivery attempt
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